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Art Damaged

Автор тумблога Damaged Art ведёт подробную перепись произведений искусства, которые кто-то повредил, намеренно или нет. В подборке — раскрашенные фломастерами полотна, разбитые молотами скульптуры и инсталляции, в которые кто-то упал.
Banksy, Untitled (Surveillance Piece) / spraypaintOn August 1, 2014, this work, pasted to the side of a residential home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was painted over by an unidentified tagger. Given the work’s vulnerability to graffiti and the elements, it had already been coated by a layer of protective paint. Restoration experts were called in, with a protective plastic cover to be placed over the piece for additional protection. The work is expected to be fully repairable.
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